We are a video production company that focuses on Costa Rica's Nature and Landscaping.

Our country offers highly important and world renown natural locations, which vary from mountains, exotic beaches, exuberant volcanoes to a lot of waterfalls and rivers, and an important percentage of the fauna in the world.

Costa Rica has very good infrastructure, and you'll find five star hotels, car rentals, aerial transport, helicopter rentals, yacht rentals, equipment rental, cameras, lights, and every type of tools needed to help make your project a great audiovisual production.

Who we are?

Natural Films is a project born from the association of three people that have been working together for over two decades in audiovisual production both on the outside and the inside of Costa Rica.

Between the three of them, over one thousand television commercials have been made for different countries all around the world, over a dozen feature films and numerous videoclips; the company has vast experience in every topic concerning audiovisual production, and our technical team is highly qualified.



NATURAL FILMS is a company specializing in the industry of video production including promotional films, documentaries, commercials and video clips.

We provide personalized attention for your film.

Videos, Location Scouting, Crews, Rentals, Corporate, Nature, Documentary, Commercials, Drama, News, Legal, Tourism, Educational.